In 1999, the spark to become a fashion designer ignited as my mother and I watched the Essence Awards. Witnessing two young urban designers receive the Designer of the Year award filled the room with excitement. In that moment, I felt a deep calling to nurture my artistic abilities and embark on a journey in fashion design.

Taking the first step, I enrolled in Brooks College in Long Beach, California, in 1999, earning an Associate of Arts in Fashion Design. Building on this foundation, I secured a coveted spot in the Apparel Design program at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design in Providence. Armed with newfound skills, I returned to my hometown, driven by a vision to make a significant impact on the fashion industry.

Identifying a gap in the market, I founded Alchemy1965 with a mission to seamlessly blend Ready-to-Wear, Urban Wear, and Art. Our brand is dedicated to delivering patterns and designs that seamlessly combine trendiness with art and timeless quality. Infusing street fashion trends with our distinct urban style, Alchemy1965 aspires to carve its place as a globally recognized lifestyle brand.

At the core of Alchemy1965 is the desire to redefine the essence of fashion and art. We are not just a name; we are a platform dedicated to nurturing and uplifting genuine artists. Our commitment extends beyond talent; we value knowledge and expertise, aiming to guide the world of fashion and art by showcasing the exceptional skills and creativity of true artists.

Believing in America’s potential to be a trendsetter, we are determined to shift the narrative. With a meticulously crafted plan, Alchemy1965 is poised to breathe new life into the fashion and art industry.

So, what distinguishes Alchemy1965? Anticipate the resurgence of raw talent in the industry. Our fashion and art collections are a testament to distinctive designs infused with an urban edge. Each season promises fresh, trend-setting styles, signaling Alchemy1965’s commitment to lead the way in setting new trends.