In 1999, my inspiration to become a fashion designer ignited when my mother and I watched the Essence Awards and witnessed two young urban designers receiving the Designer of the Year award. Seeing my mother’s excitement and happiness in that moment, I felt compelled to nurture my artistic abilities and pursue a career in fashion design.

I enrolled in Brooks College in Long Beach, California, in 1999 and earned an Associate of Arts in Fashion Design. Building on this foundation, I was accepted into the prestigious Apparel Design program at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island. After completing my studies there, I returned to my hometown with a vision to make my mark in the fashion industry.

Recognizing a void in the market, I founded the Alchemy Brand, driven by a mission to bridge the gap between Ready-to-Wear and Urban Wear. Our brand aims to deliver trendy patterns and timeless designs crafted with the utmost quality. By infusing street fashion trends with our own unique urban style, Alchemy aspires to become a renowned lifestyle brand worldwide.

My ultimate goal is to revolutionize the fashion industry by reintroducing the true essence of fashion design. At Alchemy, we are more than just a marketable name or a hobby taken to the next level. We seek to nurture and elevate true designers who possess not only talent but also knowledge and expertise. Our intention is to guide the fashion world by showcasing the exceptional skills and creativity of genuine designers.

I believe that America has the potential to be a trendsetter, yet our top designers often lack the recognition they deserve. I am determined to change that perception. With a well-devised plan, I am inspired to put my vision into action and elevate the fashion industry.

So, what can you expect from Alchemy Brand? Prepare to witness the revival of unique, raw talent in the industry. Our bag collection will showcase distinctive designs with an urban edge. Each new season will bring fresh, trend-setting styles that transcend existing trends, as Alchemy aims to lead the way in setting new fashion trends.